Magnolia House

photo of house at dusk
Magnolia House

My neighbor’s house featuring their most perfect magnolia, at dusk.

Even on a rainy day the clouds broke at the end of day and at dusk there was enough reflected sunlight to enjoy another springtime turquoise sky although the day was actually much darker than appears here. The time is late enough that the streetlights are on casting their warm pink glow onto the magnolia and corner of the house, while all else is cool and blue.

I find it interesting how a digital camera captures this scene; a film camera would have captured only the directly-lit house and tree but the other houses and sky would have been mere shadows in the dusk.

But I also liked to focus on what caught my eye in the first place, the house with its brightly-lit window, and the magnolia tree and its long slightly smeared indigo shadows on the house.

house at dusk
Magnolia House 2

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