Life Survives Where It Will

mullein growing in brick wall
A mullein plant grows from a brick wall.

A mullein plant grows from between the bricks.

A seed on the wind found the only spot on a brick wall that has enough space to hold soil blown into it and perhaps a few decayed leaves, and sprouts. It’s a metaphor for many things.

No, that photo really is at the right angle, that is a vertical wall, and several feet off the ground as well. A little bit of moss is beginning to grow between the bricks, but a mullein plant? They have incredible tap roots and actually grow quite tall when they flower, but I guess it’s managed to find enough sustenance here to keep it growing and quite green.

Below, the full wall, just to get a perspective on what the mullein has accomplished.

The rest of the wall it came from.
The rest of the wall it came from.
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