Edwards Way, Pittsburgh

black and white photo of street

Edwards Way, Pittsburgh

Yesterday’s view of Gomer Street was on the South Side Slopes in Pittsburgh. This is the last street on the South Side Flats and it faces the first thrust of the hill that’s called Mt. Washington, a steep and in some places nearly vertical natural high wall cliff above the Monongahela River.

Here a long and narrow street houses two- and three-story row houses off into the distance customized over the decades, looking straight into a tree-covered hill. At the top of that hill, at about roof level of these houses, is a single railroad line frequently carrying freight cars.

I liked the feel of it in black and white, a lot of contrasting detail. And the houses and the telephone pole really are leaning backward just a little bit.

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  1. […] better angle. I’m photographing through my windshield, and the railroad line that runs past Edwards Way is right over my head where I am on the street in this photo. The street obviously takes a sharp […]

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