Three Victorian Buildings, South Side, Pittsburgh

Three Victorian Buildings
Three Victorian Buildings

Nicely restored and kept, on Pittsburgh’s South Side.

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  1. I just love to look ‘up’ to see buildings above the shop fronts. (here in my Midlands town in Britain it’s just the same, and I always want to say to people look up and see the beauty of the architecture. 🙂 ) xx)

    1. Penpusher, we are so new here compared to European cities, but Pittsburgh is modeled on all those cities, layout, architecture and all. It’s been well-used, and once our mills closed and we washed everything off we rediscovered the finery from a century or more ago. These buildings have one by one been renewed, and I love to photograph them–for people who don’t look up!

      1. so many old buildings were destroyed in the seventies here, so much history lost to the so called ‘modern’ look, that the ones left are to be treasured. Keep taking the photo’s and I for one will so enjoy to keep looking up… Pen x

  2. Penpusher, that happened here too, even in this small town just outside Pittsburgh where I live–they took out large sections of original buildings and paved over Main Street, and 30 years later they had to undo it all. I’m so glad we’ve come back around.

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