Shortcut to Pius Street

municipal steps
Shortcut to Pius Street

The other way is all uphill too.

Like many hilly cities, Pittsburgh is full of municipal steps that were established decades, even a century, ago when most people walked. These steps are quite a production, and despite their precipitous nature they are somewhat safer than trying to walk along the street. I’d been trying to find a place to stop to be able to photograph them at a slightly better angle. I’m photographing through my windshield, and the railroad line that runs past Edwards Way is right over my head where I am on the street in this photo. The street obviously takes a sharp curve to the left, and there is always someone right behind me. But parking is at a premium in this tightly populated place; even on Edwards where it appears there is only one car, it is illegally parked. So I got the best I could with one hand while only slowing down a bit while driving.

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