Backyard Bunny

She couldn't possibly be any cuter.
She couldn’t possibly be any cuter.

Little bunnies acting like they are big bunnies are just adorable. If that sounds corny, it’s true. This little one lives in a nest along the edge of my garden. It’s the only one I see and I don’t know the mortality of the bunny’s siblings, so she may really be the center of her own little universe.

A tasty leaf.
A tasty leaf.

They look a little blurry and soft because I photographed them through the screen door in my basement. But I like that softening, it adds a bit of magic to an ordinary scene.

The bunny thinks she is hiding.
The bunny thinks she is hiding.

Below, I decided to apply a filter to the image and desaturate the photo so the bunny looks like the little statue she is trying to imitate.

A little bit decorative.
A little bit decorative.

Prints of today’s photo

I’m offering prints of just the first photo, “Curious”

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  1. Your photos are amazing and crisp – can’t believe they are through a screen door !! It is ALWAYS about the bunnies here in my little family. We live in Missouri forest wilderness and see bunnies frequently close to the house though the backporch kitty remains a formidable predator. Yesterday movement on a large trunk of dead tree lying upon the ground caught my eye and I watched as a little bunny scampered along it. I often call the bunnies “Benjamin Peter” combining the names given by Beatrix Potter in her wonderful stories as I talk to them.

    1. That is a sweet name! I just have a backyard wildlife habitat, 75′ x 125′, but I manage it so I have a little wooded area, a meadow, wild plants and also a vegetable garden. My cats watch from indoors, so watching the bunny show is environmental enrichment for them. Thanks for visiting!

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