Watering Cans at the Ready

Watering cans at the ready
Watering cans at the ready

Watering cans reporting for duty. Because there will be some!

When I looked out the back door this morning it looked as if they were looking back at me. I’m glad the watering cans are ready for me. Somehow I feel they are glad we’re back to work too.

Not the prettiest picture, but meaningful to me. I had always stored some things out on my deck, but it’s where I tossed a lot of things as my hip grew worse and I needed space in the house, and then I couldn’t dig around out there to keep it neat. It was completely out of control but it’s like my extra room—I cook out there, eat out there, relax out there, and I also work out there, it’s like my outdoor studio, even in winter, especially for photography. I typically have flowers out there, and I photograph products there too. I have missed it! Now the watering cans have something to water.

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