Three Doves Out for a Walk: 2011

three doves on brick street
Three Doves Out for a Walk

Mincing down the middle of the street like they own it, do they act like avian teens or careful seniors keeping together as they cross the street? I saw both human groups as I walked my errands and really couldn’t decide when I saw the doves, the lanky one on the left, the stocky one in center front, and the big guy on the far right.

In any case, I really enjoy how the faded red of the bricks seems to be reflected in the iridescence of their chests, while the gray of their wings and backs coordinates with the warm gray of the pavement behind them; it’s about the only time worn patches of asphalt have worked as part of the composition. I shot this in black and white as well, but went with the color image for its subtleties.

It looks warm outside but it’s disappointingly not. But the bright sun is deceiving and we’re all walking around like it’s a warm spring day.

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