Raindrops on Roses, 2010

photo of rose with raindrops
Raindrops on Roses

Who doesn’t welcome the sight of a brilliant pink rose on a dark autumn day?

Catching such voluptuous raindrops as these is a rare event—it either has to be right after the rain has stopped (falling raindrops will blur the photo with movement) or a day where rain falls intermittently and the humidity remains high so the raindrops don’t evaporate.

In either case, it’s generally pretty dark and overcast so all those lovely raindrops have few highlights, and shadows are saturated.

In this case, between the showers, the sky brightened enough to pick up each and every droplet, and to highlight the brilliant pink of this rose on one of my neighbor’s rose bushes. It had rained so hard that the water was even pooling in between the petals.

Raindrops on roses…and for my feline-oriented friends, we all know the next line!

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