Daylily Time

orange daylilies
Three friends.

The good old-fashioned daylilies are blooming all along the front of my yard.

orange daylilies
Four daylilies in a row.

I look forward to them each year as the stems suddenly appear one day and grow so quickly, up to three feet long, then the flower buds that look like little bananas open one by one until all are gone. Because the flowers only last a day, hence their name, the display is different each day.

orange daylilies
The front of the yard.

And here’s a little bit of pink to go with it.

A little bit of pink.

. . . . . . .

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  1. This is beautiful! I am myself a daylily gardener based out of Australia and enjoy pictures of daylilies. I just followed you on Pinterest too. Take a moment to look at daylilies I have on my website. I would be willing to hear your comments. Christine 🙂

  2. Hey Bernadette – Hello from down under :)… Your work is absolutely lovable and I appreciate what you are doing. Hey, can I ask you something – I am a bit struggling at the moment to set foot in the Daylily industry and seeking support from fellow enthusiasts. Would you be kind enough to put a link of my website ( in your blogroll? And I can show my support to one of your websites by putting a link on my blog here –… If you could add both my links, that’d be great too.. if you do not wish to add any of these, thats fine as well.. we will still both be loving the daylilies and I would still love your cat creative projects! From a cloudy & cold corowa – Christine…

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