Pale Phlox

white phlox

This is common garden phlox, but its coloring is palest blush pink with a ring of magenta veins around the cup for the stamens—so the pollinators know where to go.

Phlox is typically a shade of pink or lilac, or sometimes white, but this variation must have created itself. I have plenty of pink and lilac phlox which seem to shade themselves according to where in the yard they grow. This is a clump I dug up from the back yard to move to the front when I created a new garden bed at the end of my driveway, and perhaps the move changed it as well.

This precious phlox is the tall variety that blooms summer into fall, is fragrant and invites nearly every insect and bird to come and share its nectar and nourishment. It was given to me by an elderly neighbor in another neighborhood years ago, whose mother had given it to her when she married and bought the house she lived in, and the phlox had been given to her mother by another mother, and so on, generations back. I want to make an old-fashioned flower print fabric from it.

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