Chasing the Season

red leaves and blue sky
Chasing the Season

I’ve been so busy chasing photos I want of autumn that I’ve almost missed the season. Twice I drive for a nearby ridge to capture a sunset over the valley, and once got stuck in traffic and got there too late and a second time got there but the clouds didn’t part as they seemed they would so there was no glowing red finale. The clouds really should have parted as I visualized, it would have been quite the show. But sunny mornings have turned to overcast afternoons, and breezy afternoons had turned to rain. I guess it’s just not my year to capture the incredible display of color we had. I was entranced by these last few red leaves clinging to a young tree on the ridge at sunset on clear afternoon, ironically too sunny to see leaf color because of the contrast, but at least I recorded this little tree’s last stand.

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