Blue Bachelor’s Buttons

Bachelor's Button
Bachelor’s Button

Bachelor’s Buttons, centaurea montana, are a native wild plant, but are actually considered a noxious weed in some areas for their habit of moving in and taking over the place. My yard is too shady, so they’ve minded their manners here, though I’d love to see a few more blue flowers this time of the year. Because their stems are so long and all around them is green, they look as if they are susepended in air, and have actually outgrown my Shasta daisies in height.

Bachelor's Button
Bachelor’s Button and Shasta Daisy
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    1. It was the lighting that day–when it’s bright overcast it enhances the colors in my backyard, but they are a pleasing bright blue. I wish it would spread, but my phlox wants to take over the world.

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