Black Cat Abstract

four black cats in abstract composition
Black Cat Abstract

This is what happens when cool reflected winter light meets indoor light from the ceiling fixture, something I could never plan because it depends on the quality of light and even the time of day, and, of course, all that shiny black fur. It hardly looks that way in the viewfinder, it all just depends on how the color sensor records it.

If you can’t figure them out, from the top, Jelly Bean is cleaning his white spot, Mewsette is curled facing him, Guiseppe is curled on the left and upside down and Mr. Sunshine is using him as a pillow. I usually use The Creative Cat as the outlet for my cat photos, but every once in a while I like to share one with a photography audience, so meet the Fantastic Four, the Curious Quartet.

A nice little psychedelic sensation in the middle of the afternoon.



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