A Sunday Morning Trip to the Grocery Store

The Goose Family
The Goose Family

I fabricated the need to go to the grocery story, on my bicycle, with my camera and art materials. It meant I didn’t have time for a day on the trail, but I had a real need to ride my bike and do some art and just kind of poke around and find what was interesting in my town. I did take a roundabout way to the store and waded in the creek and did a few paintings and followed a great blue heron and photographed wildflowers and saw both lovely neighborhoods and well-used alleys. Here’s a slideshow of the events in order.

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  1. Beautiful photos, Bernadette! How amazing that you saw a blue heron; I didn’t realize that we had them in the area. The creek must be alive with life. Lovely tour of Carnegie 🙂

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