Wolf Moonrise

moonrise in bare tree
Wolf Moonrise

The winter sunset shades to deep pink in the east as the Wolf Moon rises over the hill, encircled by the branches of an oak tree.

The moon still looks a little hard-edged and flashed out, but at least I managed to get a little detail on it. Usually under these conditions the moon looks like a flashlight in the sky, just a hard bright circle, but it was moderated somewhat, perhaps by the branches in front of it.

And I finally caught that pink glow over the horizon fading to the faded turquoise of a winter sky in the east, opposite a sunset, on a clear, cold night.


  1. Just beautiful Bernadette! In addition to chronicling the lovely Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall all these years, you capture its near perfect setting. Leaving the Library & Music Hall (especially with books in hand or after a performance) is almost as good as going inside!

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