Paranormal Adventure

photo of people filming in the dark

On Saturday, January 7, four local organizations who research and investigate paranormal claims set up piles of equipment all over Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall after the place had closed. As many lights were extinguished as could be (some are always on for security purposes) so that sensitive infrared and UV filming, photography and viewing could be used effectively.

There have been many stories and instances of presences felt around the place through the years, and I’ve sensed a few myself in all the years I’ve visited there. These groups listened to as many stories as possible, researched the history of the building and site, walked through beforehand to see what they sensed, and set up their equipment in the areas most likely to see something, but they also had infrared cameras in each area even if nothing had been reported there.

Much of what was reported by individuals was determined to be the result of actual activity by the people who were actually there—whispered conversations, walking in another room, etc. From that night the videos will be studied and from that and any other equipment anything that seems authentic will then be reviewed by other experts. After a report is compiled they will present what is called the “reveal”.

This photo shows the scene of one instance which even that night seemed quite authentic. About seven of us are in the reference room of the Library. The light is washing in from streetlights through the windows. A piece of equipment had sensed some electrical activity there, which might be something mechanical in the building itself, or it might be “energy” left behind in the form of a presence. They gathered where it seemed the strongest; I entered after they had begun.

One gentleman has an EVP device (electronic voice phenomenon device, a voice recorded by the equipment but not heard by our ears) and is talking to try to draw out the presence to reveal itself somehow, and he is also being filmed along with someone with another sound recorder. Among other questions he asked for a name, and on playback, we all clearly heard whispered, “Bobby”. It was not recorded on any other device, and none of us heard it otherwise though we were straining to hear just about anything.

I’m not sure when the reveal will be, but I will be sure to report back later.

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