Time Marches On…

Work is Fascinating
Work is Fascinating

…and Today will be moving to a new blog host. Me and my creative cats will be moving our blogspace to our own website! Being in the WordPress community has been wonderful, but it will be so much easier when all my images and essays are right there, in the same folder. “Today“, my photo blog, will be moving as well and integrating with my main photo gallery, and eventually my “Marketplace” will be set up as a blog, too. I’m not sure what the addresses will be, but I’ll post that as soon as I have them set up. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to move all my messages to the new blog, so eventually everything will be there and I’ll close this one down, or just leave it with a message for everyone who has me bookmarked, or is signed up to receive the message automatically, or reads me in a reader, or however else everyone finds me! Thanks for visiting, and if you get a chance, please write a comment or send an e-mail.

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