The Last Light of Day

photo of sunset over cemetery
The Last Light of Day

Each headstone is touched by the last light of day.

One of the times I wish I had had my DSLR with me instead of the little pocket digital which really couldn’t handle the subtleties of this image. The sunset was not so garish and tropical-looking and the headstones had more detail, but you can imagine the peace and quiet in this scene. I was following the sunset as I drove around for errands, and saw this coming up on the road ahead of me, pulled over and got the best shot I could.

This is Chartiers Cemetery in East Carnegie, southwest of Pittsburgh. Established in 1863 during the Civil War as a public burial ground it tells many stories. In the center a slender white line is the flagpole; they lowered the flag shortly after I took this photo. Slightly to the right of that the tall slender gray figure is the monument to the Civil War dead, and around them the veterans’ section of the cemetery.


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