The Changing of the Year

Red Runner Bean Flowers
Red Runner Bean Flowers

The scarlet runner beans grew so fervently over the summer, and here in August reached their peak of dense leaves filled with blossoms. I called it the Tower of Love because every insect and bird and chipmunks and probably a lot of other critters visited the flowers or the leaves or the basin I had them all planted in for a little bit of a summer dalliance. Growing on fallen branches I’d tied in a teepee shape it radiated the vitality of the season. Looking at this lovely spectacle and what came to visit it became a highlight summer mornings. These are but two of many photos I took over the summer, a little soft-focused because they are shot through the screen on the basement door.

But as summer turned to autumn the leaves began to thin and all her vitality is turned to a rather tired and shabby look, but the results of all the visits to those flowers became evident. It’s been like watching a friend grow and change, but not to die; I have more bean seeds this year than I ever have in all the years I’ve grown these, and we’ll see her again next year.

red runner beans
What’s left.

. . . . . . .

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