It’s Where You’re Going

poster with flower
It’s Where You’re Going

“Allow me to help you…realize and discover what a beautiful flower you are.”

Maxine Powell polished the diamonds of Motown as the director of the in-house “finishing school” hired by Berry Gordy to manage all the new young stars he was creating. She died on October 14 at the age of 98 after a long career as an actor, model and personal development instructor and life coach. The Motown sound is truly one of my favorites, and I had heard about her briefly in reading and watching stories about the musicians who performed in that era. The story I listened to about her was so inspiring and included the quote used in the image above, near the end of the story; I found it very moving. When reading the accompanying article when I went to listen to the story again, it included the quote at the top where she referred to her students as beautiful flowers.

Finding this delicate and colorful cosmo peeking through the colorless chain link fence I photographed it from every angle, knowing it had something to say. Maxine Powell’s words gave it voice. We all have capacity for change, and to break the bonds of what fences us in.

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