The Bizzy Bee

photo of a bee in crocuses
The Bizzy Bee © B.E. Kazmarski

So which came first, the open crocus or the bee? Did the bee emerge from its nest at the first waft of warm air and sunshine, knowing there would be purple crocuses filled with yellow pollen to awaken him from his winter blues? Or did the crocus open knowing that the bee would soon appear and stumble from one flower to another, spreading pollen and ensuring the next generation of little crocus bulbs?

Either way, I was surprised to see a bumble bee out this early in the season. I often see smaller bees and smaller insects, but this big, bumbling, buzzing bee happily dusted with yellow pollen was a welcome sight, and not at all interested in me, bearing no pollen myself.


    1. Rivertrekker, I really enjoyed your images of trekking the river! I enjoy a creek that runs through the communities in the valley where I live; I’ve been “playing” in it since I was little, and still do now, decades later, canoeing, walking, sketching, photographing, just looking. It’s the inspiration for a series of paintings called “Art of the Watershed” on my main website, and that inspired a series of poetry readings entitled “Paths I Have Walked”. Never underestimate what that water means to you, just to be there. I hope you’re still trekking it now and then decades from now.

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