purple asters
Asters on Parade

It’s time for the autumn asters to bloom in earnest. These pale violet asters appear along the road, at the edge of woods, , along a fence, even in your garden if you haven’t pulled everything that’s not what you’ve planted. They’ve been growing there, quietly, all summer long, and now that nearly all else is done, and before the riot of autumn leaves, the asters add their grace. Migrating birds and butterflies depend on them for a meal while traveling, bees make their last honey from their pollen. Celebrate this bounty.

This photo was taken on ISO100 Kodak color print film (don’t remember the brand) with my Pentax K-1000 fully manual SLR, 50mm lens with 1.5X adapter. Now when I look back at many of these photos I see the reddish cast in the prints. I really have to get a film scanner.

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    1. Yes–and it gets more red as time goes on! I think this film tended to shoot red too since even reprints today seem to be a little reddish too. I used to take these things for granted and then I started scanning a few negatives and saw what came out. I would really like to see some of my older prints reprocessed.

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