Out of the Past


The next flower to bloom, the periwinkle. In yesterday’s gray light I saw no trace of that welcome shade of blue, but today, in the sun, the first of the periwinkle bloomed, pushing its way through the debris of last year’s garden, leaves, twigs, to instill itself in the new year.

Periwinkle is deeply symbolic to many cultures and in many ways, from its calming color to its unifying shape and its perennial, evergreen habit, a symbol of eternity and of being, of life force; it is a harbinger of spring and a reminder of the “dear departed” because, though it seems delicate and fragile it pushes aside the leaves of the previous year to spread its green leaves and bloom, and its glossy evergreen leaves withstand both freezing temperatures and heat. The periwinkle appeared when I first developed my woodland garden, a year after I moved here, and has remained since.

Out of the Past
Out of the Past
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