Kitchen Closed

photo of collectibles
This Chick's Kitchen

I visited Gingerbread Junction Country Store on a dark rainy day, and the press of things and the way the proprietor has it decorated, along with the ideas I get while I’m there, will brighten any day.

There’s a mix of authentic old stuff, like the stove and coffee grinder, and newer craft items, plus candles and napkins and funny signs and dolls of all sorts.

The sign reads, “Kitchen Closed: this chick’s had it!”

I have a selection of my greeting cards here, and also added a few framed prints of my feline artwork, including small linoleum block prints. Soon enough I’ll add my printed cloths to the mix. It’s one of many places I have the merchandise made from my paintings, and I don’t sell huge amounts but it’s steady at each place. People go to this shop and others intending to find something unique, and it’s always a pleasure when they choose my stuff.


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