“I watch the water thundering past, so loud it drowns my thoughts and memories. I can rest my head, my heart, for just a while. The floodwaters have carried away my mate, my home, my children, my world, all is gone, I am alone and isolated, and I don’t know what to do. Once these waters were nurturing, I felt complete floating on their surface, graceful and beautiful, awkward on my feet on land. I only wish it had taken me too.”

She watches the creek.
She watches the creek.

I really did notice this single female Canada goose standing on the top of the bank of the creek one early evening, standing completely still, and alone. Her stillness was strange, but not so much as her aloneness, geese are social animals, this is nesting and mating season, and wherever I see geese I never see only one. I know this flock, I walk through them all the time. Something was so forlorn at the way she stood so calm and still, and stared at the creek thundering by.

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A part of Five Sentence Fiction:Isolated.


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  1. A sad tale, very well told. “I only wish it had taken me too” was a great ending in that first paragraph, really drives home the sense of loss.


    1. Thanks McGuffy Ann. It was truly a sad moment and I felt intrusive with my camera, but for her sake I had to record it. The geese are quick and when we have high-water events I’ll see them up on the bank in groups or in families, but there is at least one high-water event each spring that takes little ones and others.

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