I Have Vanquished the Blue Fuzzy

photo of black cat with blue fuzzy toy
I Have Vanquished the Blue Fuzzy

Mewsette emerges into the sun with the blue fuzzy she has chased around and around and around my room until finally she captured it and presented it to me.

I am honored.


  1. That was a great picture. Taking pictures of animals can be very difficult, but this one is amazing.

    I have two chinchillas, and taking pictures of them is superhard! If I’m lucky, I will catch them in a one of their “silent” moments. Not easy hehe=)

  2. What a great picture. It’s so hard to get good photos of black cats – this one is amazing. Mewsette looks very pleased with herself.

  3. I love her dignified triumph!

    I have plenty of photos of black cats–and other cats–that aren’t good, but patience and knowing my camera settings really pay off.

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