Full Wolf Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse


High hazy clouds and sometimes cloud cover moved in but at least it was fast-moving so I didn’t freeze in place waiting for the clouds to move past, a very fine snow too, but the Full Wolf Blood Moon lunar eclipse was pretty neat to watch, even if the photos are a little soft.

Above, Sister Moon practically leaped above the horizon as if she couldn’t wait for the fun to start. She slipped upward through the branches of my neighbor’s hemlock so quickly I could watch the movement. I could see the photo I wanted, but how to get it with the right thing blurred and the right thing clear? Fully manual settings and a lot of shots hoping one would be good.

I kept track of the times listed for beginning, middle, full and end of the eclipse. The temperature was about four degrees with wind chill about four below, and occasional snow moving through, sometimes so light it was just a haze.

Below, had a snow shower when the eclipse began, and though I could see the moon with a little bite taken out through the haze of snow and light cloud cover I couldn’t get a good photo. I checked about 15 minutes later when all was just about clear and got a lovely one.

The beginning of the eclipse.
The beginning of the eclipse.

The best was the nearly full one with a bit of light still touching the edge of the moon and all the odd colors below. This was the one that I thought was the most beautiful phase, walking around my icy, hilly street in the dark, and standing on the sidewalk pointing my camera with the zoom lens straight up into the eternal cold darkness of the sky. This was the shot that made the moon, usually illuminated, really look like a ball in the sky, and a small one at that.

Nearly full lunar eclipse.
Nearly full lunar eclipse.

Then the full eclipse.

Full lunar eclipse.
Full lunar eclipse.

I was disappointed with how blurry the images were, but I had many likes and compliments when I shared them on Facebook. I’m actually happy I took the time to continue bundling up and going out into the to get the photos, and just observing this magical skyshow.

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