First Flower, Cranesbill Geranium

First Flower, Cranesbill Geranium
First Flower

Now I can get angles and photos like this again.

I wanted to highlight this first opened cranesbill geranium flower, and kind of mask the fact it had been nibbled on. Instead I kind of highlighted the fact it’s been nibbled on, but that’s okay, it’s still a beautiful flower.

What’s exciting about it on top of that is the coloring of the flower. Cranesbill geraniums are a group of flowers with many varieties. The local native is named Geranium maculatum and it showed up voluntarily in my back yard years ago. It’s been naturalizing wherever it pleases since then, most likely carried around by birds who eat the seeds. But for the most part the flowers have been a uniformly pastel violet. These flowers are from a clump growing about 10 feet away from the flowers at the top.

Cranesbill Geraniums
Cranesbill Geraniums

The newly-bloomed flower is similar to a variety I saw along the trail where the flowers are distinctly white in the center and a more vibrant magenta around the edges (I can’t find photos I’ve taken along the trail for example right now). Also, the plants are about half the height of those with the paler flowers though they are beginning to bloom. I guess someone brought in some new seeds. I’m more than happy with either one, or both! They are one of my favorite wildflowers for the color of the flowers as well as their growth habit and beautiful leaf shape, and the shades of red and orange they turn in autumn along with the interesting seed heads (also can’t find those photos right now).

Bear with me, now that I’ve had my DSLR cleaned and repaired I’ve spent the last two days photographing everything, so after not posting much for the past few months I’m going to make up for it.

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