My Little Muse

photo of black cat

First thing I did when I got home with my newly cleaned and repaired camera was take one photo indoors then run out to the back yard with Mimi, my #littleblackcat, and make her pose for me. She is my muse.

photo of black cat

You can tell how thrilled she is. That’s because I had to change the settings and forgot a few and made her pose again…and again…Mimi is such an amazing model, patient with all my weird requests, and I’m so happy to have my good camera back.

photo of black cat
On the stone path.

I rescued Mimi with her newborn kittens in 2007. She’s about 16 years old, and my yard was always her territory when she was outdoors raising little ones. None of my cats are permitted to roam, but I do enjoy going outdoors with them on leashes, especially Mimi, who becomes the subject of many compositions, which you can usually see first on Instagram. I enjoy experimenting with lenses and settings and post-processing using photos of Mimi, so I photograph her quite a bit. She is very perceptive, and at times has moved to a place where I’d like to photograph her and posed without me saying a thing, though I’m sure I’m easy to read when I’m composing photos and looking for good spots. You’ll be seeing more of her, and of the rest of my household, soon.

photo of black cat

Here are the rest from that day.

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