Awesome Winter Sunset

photo of colorful winter sunset
Awesome Winter Sunset

This is from my archives, but it’s one I’ve wanted to share. It’ s because I missed a good one tonight—the sunset developed very nicely and I didn’t have my camera!

The one that got away is often the best photo in my imagination, but even though tonight’s sunset was lovely in its brilliant and shaded purple and red tones, it was wispy, the areas of color threaded among each other, with a fair amount of sky in between.

We haven’t had too many awesome winter sunsets this winter, and I’m not sure why. They only occur at a certain time of year because of a combination of the angle of the sun, the temperature and humidity, and they are fleeting.

This is from late December 2005, and the digital I had then couldn’t take anything approaching a panoramic shot so I had to take a series of shots and stitch them together. The image was well worth the trouble.


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