A Truly Unique Parking…Chair

A truly unique parking...chair
A truly unique parking...chair

Surely people will think twice before moving this to swipe the parking space. If you can’t tell with the size of the image you see, it’s a bedside toilet.

You might need to be from Pittsburgh to understand the concept of “parking chair”. With crowded hilly streets built with houses before each household had four vehicles, parking spaces are at a premium in most neighborhoods.

If you want your parking space to be available when you get home from work, or after you’ve shoveled snow out of your spot and carried it into your back yard, the only place available for it, you typically take a “lawn chair”, usually one of those aluminum-frame numbers with woven nylon webbing that always need to be replaced in the spring fix up for your yard and porch, and simply place it in your parking spot and drive off. No self-respecting Pittsburgher would ever move a parking chair, though there are those who have little self-respect…

Other types of chairs can be used, but by and large, it’s a chair because anything else might be misinterpreted and helpfully placed on the sidewalk like a box, or a weight bench, or a…toilet.

This was spotted on 39th Street in Lawrenceville, right at the corner with Butler Street. Nope, I wouldn’t touch it.

Closeup of the parking toilet.
Closeup of the parking toilet.


  1. claiming government owned property for individual and personal gain. not a neighborly approach. once I accidentally parked where the spot had a card board before and it was gone figuring it was available. when i came back my radio antenna was bent causing 50 dollar in damage. see what neighbors are good for! It should be banned with heavy fines!

  2. Bernadette,
    Love the pictures of the parking chairs!

    And while were on the subject, i have to share another parking chair story with you.

    My wife and I decided to take a cruise shortly after we got married many moons ago and we were flying into Miami Internat’l Airport.
    It just so happened that a large senior group from St. Mary of the Mount in Mt. Washington would be going on the same cruise, and they were also on our flight. Upon landing in Miami, we didn’t immediately board our gate and we were sitting and waiting for over 30 minutes, when the captain finally came on the p.a. to announce the reason we were delayed. He said
    too many planes landed at the same time and we couldn’t get into our gate.

    In response, some 70 year old lady to my left yells at the top of lungs…
    “Why didn’t you put out a chair so we didn’t have to wait ya’ dummy!”

    Of course, every Pittsburgher on the plane cracked up, while everyone else looked at us like we were crazy.

    Long live the chair!

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