My Tiny Harvest

wild strawberries
My Tiny Harvest

Wild strawberries are very tiny, about as big as my pinky fingernail, but they are a very sweet harvest.

I let them naturalize all over my yard, including in my “lawn” which has never been all grass. They come up in my flower beds and vegetable garden, between flagstones and around the edges of patios and planters.

This little patch by the basement door yields a dozen berries per day in its highest yield time, so it takes a lot of picking to get enough to do something with them other than stand there and eat them on a warm late spring or early summer morning. At one time I had a patch established in a good sunny spot and they produced far more, so one of these days I’ll set them up somewhere in the yard to do their thing. But they’ll always be welcome to add their green to the green and their fruit to the little ecosystem here.

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