Yoga Class is Over

photo of yoga gear on floor

Yoga Class is Over

Such a beautiful sunny morning in a room that was once a grade school classroom, huge windows all around three walls admitting the sunlight and view of the wooded neighborhood around. These two yoga positions just happened to be exactly in the sunny shapes of two windows right at the end of class, the students’ blocks and mats neatly placed.

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  1. Aman Merican says:

    I love yoga studios, they make me feel at home & the ambiance is just so soothing and calming to the mind!

    1. animalartist says:

      This place was actually a charming old schoolhouse built at the turn of the last century with lovely big windows and solid wooden floors. I follow the same teacher, and the last place she taught was in an art gallery in another turn-of-the-century building. I love her choices!

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