Wild Grapes

Wild Grapes
Wild Grapes

Native wild grapes growing wild on a fence around a storage facility. Nature sets down roots everywhere regardless of the chance of success or failure.

I dropped my car off for inspection at a station just blocks from my house and took a morning walk from there to the grocery store on this dark and foggy morning. The sun rose and the fog lifted as I walked through small town alleys and back streets, along railroad tracks and a small industrial area, taking photos all the way. What a wonder of variety to be seen shrouded in mist and dripping with rain and glowing in the dim and sparkling with a million tiny droplets—spiderwebs encrusted with sparkling diamonds festooned the bridge over the creek, each spike from each seed in a seedhead of grass tipped with a glowing light, rosebuds and zinnias flashing pink and coral in the dim, train tracks disappearing, and more. I changed some photos to grayscale and left some in color, otherwise I have no filters on anything, it’s all just the amazing world that’s everywhere.

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