Vitis Riparia

Tiny Grapes
Tiny Grapes

One of our native grapes, hardy stock that can grow to the tops of the tallest trees, the fruits are usually eaten by birds before we humans can pick them. Generally I clear the grapevines off my trees and shrubs and make baskets and wreaths and garlands from them. These grew up the neighbor’s pussy willow and and came to hang in front of my bathroom window, the one with the view of the valley. I had decided to cut the vine and pull it down until I saw these tiny grapes earlier this summer. I was so enchanted I decided I’d just watch them to see what they would do. Stay tuned.

. . . . . . .

If you are interested in purchasing this painting or any other originals I have posted here on Today, please contact me. I will also have prints of this painting after the exhibit.


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