The Handsome Goldfinch

male american goldfinch
Male American Goldfinch

Just a few tiny snowflakes floated about yesterday, but that didn’t bother this male American goldfinch in his winter colors—he’s got two little flakes on his head and more falling around. Even in the somewhat dim light his yellow ruff is vibrant though the rest of his color is dull for winter.

Here’s another photo of him partly for the view of his delicate little feet; I actually got several and liked these two best. I wasn’t on a stakeout in my yard, but sitting in my desk chair photographing with a zoom lens through my windows. The feeders hang right outside and the birds visit all day long.

goldfinch on branch
Goldfinch on branch



    1. Diana, I adore those little feet. They don’t actually stay here–all the birds we see now lived farther north during the summer, and this is their “Florida”.

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