Surprise Roses

photo of two bunches of roses

Surprise Roses

Someone, or two someones, got a pleasant surprise when they came home this day.

It’s not Valentine’s Day or any other officially-recognized holiday, but two bouquets of two roses each with greens are waiting on the chair by the front door at a house on Main Street.

I hope it was a beautiful evening in that household!

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  1. Loved this picture 🙂

  2. animalartist says:

    It gave me a warm glow to think of all the reasons someone or two might be getting roses…

  3. animalartist says:

    PS Marie Therese, I finally successfully subscribed to your blog! For some reason it would never go through before.

  4. Oh, hm, strange. Oh well, thanks for doing it though. I like your blog a lot. Wonderful pictures and great text to go with them =)

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