Sunset, Old St. Luke’s

old church in winter sunset

Sunset, Old St. Luke’s

Say what you will about winter and snow, but the combination makes for dramatic sunsets.

This is the Revolutionary-era churchyard of Old St. Luke’s Church in Scott Township, PA, the first Christian church established west of the Allegheny Mountains in Pennsylvania. It was originally a native American lookout place on a bluff above the Catfish Path, which we call Chartiers Creek. I’ve canoed past this place on the creek, and visited this site when the church was closed when I was a child, though now it is restored.

I used a wide-angle lens on my camera that is not made for it, but fits well enough that I can take a good photo with it. I’m glad to have a new piece of equipment.

. . . . . . .

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  1. maru clavier says:

    A very beautiful shot… very beautiful. The shades of blue everywhere…

    1. Bernadette says:

      Who knew winter was quite so colorful, Maru?

      1. maru clavier says:

        Nature is amazing, absolute!

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