photo of carson street on pittsburgh's south side

Here’s the other view of the South Side—a real favorite!

If you know Pittsburgh, PA, you know that “SahSide” is how we pronounce “South Side” in Pittsburghese, and also that part of town is just as colorful as the photograph!

And if you don’t know Pittsburgh, this photo seems to remind many people of other favorite cities—Amsterdam and New Orleans are usually the first guess. It’s a view of an old-style city street rejuvenated with new coats of paint and lots to offer.

While we can determine all our settings and skills, so much about photography is out of our hands at the moment we take the photograph. I walked out of a shop, saw this scene and photographed it, then went on my way. A week or so later I saw it again as I reviewed recent photos. I loved the colors, and at this angle the details of the gingerbread are clustered together and look very exciting.

But I wanted to go back and perhaps get a wider angle and try to shoot it without the truck and perhaps the car on the left so you could see more of the buildings.

I finally got to that spot again about three weeks later and it looked quite different. The original shot was in late January when there are absolutely no leaves on the trees and the sun is still at a very low angle; in this shot it was shining nearly full on the fronts of the buildings.

By the middle to end of February, the sun’s angle had risen enough that instead of shining full on the building fronts, it was casting deeper shadows from above. With more contrast, the colors just weren’t the same and the photos had quite a different look.

But aside from the colors I’ve always enjoyed the feeling of activity in this shot.

I sell this photo as a print and framed as well. I offer two sizes in my Etsy shop under Favorite Photos. I also carry other sizes, always matted with a plain white mat and black frame. Just ask!

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