Red Tulips

photo of red tulips

Red tulips

I simply pulled over on the street where I was, put the best lens on my camera and walked into someone’s yard to photograph these red tulips. That vibrant color was too much to let pass by. They look like balloons on strings. I love the yellow at the bottom.

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  1. This is a lovely photograph I don’t think I would have been able to turn away from that shot as well, love angle and perspective as well good framing

    1. animalartist says:

      Amazing how one little clump of tulips can cause such a stir, and in a week they’ll be gone until next year.

  2. sheila365 says:

    I love tulips. These are beautiful! Lovely shot.

    1. animalartist says:

      I can’t pass them up no matter where they are!

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