A Purple and Green Afternoon

A Gentle Breeze
A Gentle Breeze

Today is rainy and growing colder again. We’ve had a warm autumn so far, but I miss cold nights and crisp afternoons, and so far there isn’t much leaf color. I’m looking forward to the day when all the trees around my house are yellow all at the same time.


I’m also catching up on some flowers from a few weeks ago, and this blue salvia in the community garden. It’s sweet to take a few moments and watch the warm afternoon breeze gently push the stalks around, and store that up for winter. I can feel the late afternoon sun on the right side of my face and on my right shoulder, and the breeze swiping across my face too. Purple and green is one of my favorite combinations.


Until next year.

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  1. These photos are marvelous, Bernadette! Purple and green is a favorite color combination of mine, also. In 2013 the Beautyberries were late and the green was lingering, so that was a visual feast for me. When I looked back I found I had posted the pictures on the 23rd of October!

    1. Thank you, Catwoods! Beautyberries would be a visual feast for sure. Soon I’ll post a photo of Virginia Creeper with deep purple berries and green stems, although they are mixed with the most beautiful crimson of any autumn leaf anywhere, and they and the wild grapes are both still producing. Autumn truly is a constant distraction to see what else is out there.

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