Lost My Marbles

photo of marbles
Lost My Marbles

I found this bunch of marbles in the soil of a yard where I lived years ago. None is valuable, but the are all interesting and were probably some child’s collection of neat stuff that somehow got tossed in the yard—big brother teasing? little sister go hold of them? mom tired of the noise of them rolling around the floor? They were all in an area where I’d dug my garden and I found them as I tilled the soil, so unfortunately some of them are nicked or scraped. Right now I use them in the bottom of flasks and bottles with cut flowers and plant cuttings, but I rinsed them and laid them in the sun to dry and I really lost my marbles with the inspiration of the color, iridescence, reflections and refracted light through colored glass. This is one of many, many photos. I can guarantee you’ll be seeing more from this particular photo shoot.

. . . . . . .

For a print of any photo, visit “purchasing” for availability and terms. For photos of lots of black cats and other cats—and even some birds as I first published this post there—visit The Creative Cat.


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