Jean-Marc Chatellier’s French Bakery

photograph of fondant-iced cakes
French Cakes

Mmmm…of all the lovely and luscious pastries I photographed at a visit to this bakery—fruit, lemon and almond tarts, croissants, smaller cakes, eclairs…these two cakes were the most fantastical, so they rated today’s photo.

Decorating cakes like this with fondant frosting and freehand designs, is a rare and difficult art, and to see it is breathtaking. My father was a baker in the Polish and European tradition, and quite the pastry chef himself, and I know that now and then he had made things like this when I was very young and I remember him describing the process. I dabble here and there but I’m more the pie and bread baker.

But I certainly appreciate a well-made pastry!

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