I Am So Blessed


photo of ceramic cat pitcher
The Gift.

I have been finishing up commissioned portraits along with a good bit of regular holiday business, and I’d like to share a piece I wrote in 2005 after handing over a portrait to a very special couple. This is the first of a few stories for the holiday season.

Yesterday I handed over one of the last of my commissioned animal portraits for this holiday season. The couple who came to pick it up was dressed in Steelers sweatshirts and jeans, black leather jackets and a Santa hat, and smelled a little of beer and cigarettes, not the type many would imagine would want a portrait of their cat, but I knew better. This is their second portrait, the first being a gift from the woman to her husband of a portrait of his cat a few years ago; this second was a gift from him to her of her cat, who she had put to sleep earlier this year.

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