Eggplants Down the Line

On Down the Line

Not only is my row of six eggplants producing my largest crop of aubergine than ever, the six plants are still each producing lovely violet blossoms. Here you can see them in a row, new blossoms on plant number one, and the blossoms and eggplants on all the plants down the line. Not bad for having started out the year smashed by the top of my neighbor’s 70-foot maple tree that fell in a storm.

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  1. I’m afraid my eggplants shriveled and died when the drought hit us in July. Ironically my peppers are bouncing back this week and producing flowers but it is just too late for any peppers now. I am getting nice tomatoes and beans though and expect to have a nice harvest of carrots and kohlrabi. I think I’ll have to post some of those pictures on my gardening blog!

    Thanks for the picture. Wish we had such green-ness around here.

    1. Andrea, you have a gardening blog? Please give me the link! I wasn’t so bothered by the heat this year as the shade from surrounding trees as it has been increasingly for the past few years. I am on the slope of a north-facing hill, not good for gardening already, then my house is to the south of me, and my and my neighbors’ trees are west, south and east. They’ve gotten tall enough in the past few years that by August the sun has dropped down far enough that I can’t plant a fall crop of anything, it grows so slowly, barely flowers, and beans, peas and lettuce are eaten by slugs and pill bugs no matter what I do. I need to start in February and March and I’ve gotten out of the habit. The tomatoes at this time of the year are always the best, though!

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