Daytime Fireworks

leek flower with bees
Daytime Fireworks

My leeks are in full bloom, this one photographed in the afternoon of the 4th of July looking like the big beautiful umbrella-type fireworks I’d see later in the evening.

I like that big wasp-like insect too. That and the yellow-jacket are no danger to me when blooming plants are around!


  1. That big one was a little scary–I’m always afraid they’ll fly around and get caught in my hair because it’s happened–but with a big bloom like the leek flower, they aren’t at all interested in me. Those flowers are about 5″ across!

  2. […] Leeks are also highly attractive to bees, which is one of the reasons I let them bloom in my garden. All kinds of bees large and small and all colors and shapes come to visit the leeks, bees I’ve never seen before. Here’s a photo of a leek flower with a few bees hanging onto it in Daytime Fireworks. […]

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