Crabapple Cranberry

branch with blossoms
Crabapple blossoms.

Again, so many blossoms, so little time.

Crabapple trees seem to be one of the most popular spring-flowering trees, at least at older homes; newer varieties stay more compact and the fruit isn’t so “messy” as the good old-fashioned crabapple. When the sun’s been shining for days in the spring, you kind of expect something bright pink and frilly like this to emerge.

I love crabapples as well. I don’t eat them like little fruits, though there are a few varieties that are like tart, sweet little apples; rather I make pies and crisps and jelly with them. There’s nothing like a crabapple crisp in early autumn.


  1. […] trees along the railroad tracks mostly populated by crabapples. No doubt birds landing there after eating from all the back yards within flying distance did a good job planting the varieties they […]

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