Cardinal? What Cardinal?

Cardinal Camouflage
Cardinal Camouflage

This is the best time of year to be a Northern Cardinal. Bright red male cardinals usually stand out in any landscape, but this guy is clever, landing on a bed of leaves including bright crimson leaves from the burning bush. It’s great camouflage for the female cardinal too, even though she only has red trim because all the brownish leaves camouflage her warm brown feathers.

female cardinal on branch
Cardinal Camouflage II

And here’s the photo I really wanted, but a gust of wind came along just as I took the photo and shook everything. But she is still well-camouflaged.

female cardinal on branch
Darn, why did the wind have to gust at just that moment?
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  1. The cardinal is my state, WV, bird. They are beautiful birds. I love taking pictures of the male during the winter months when it’s snowing. The red against the blanket of white is so pretty. I Love your pictures. The second picture of the female is awesome. Thanks for sharing on Sunday’s Best.

    1. Rhonda, I’m right next door in PA! I love them too, and have many in my backyard wildlife habitat. They are the first bird I “learned” and will always be special to me. I have a set of Christmas cards that feature the male cardinals in the snow in my backyard:

      This was my first time to visit your site and participate in a link. So nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting!

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