Cardinal Camouflage II

female cardinal on branch
Cardinal Camouflage II

Female cardinals need camouflage too, and this lady has chosen a suitable backdrop of dry river birch leaves and just a few from the burning bush, which is still burning at the moment. The male cardinal modeled his backdrop just the other day.

But just so you can see the photo I really wanted, here is the slightly blurry one of the cardinal in the posture I most associate with cardinals, but the wind gusted just a bit and my camera lost its focus point.

female cardinal on branch
Darn, why did the wind have to gust at just that moment?

I’ll be photographing out this window all day if the cardinals visit this feeder all winter. They actually have several nests in the very tall Norway spruce that’s about ten feet from the window, with the feeder just in front at the foot of it. We may be seeing cardinal photos all winter!

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